National Teaching Assistant Day

Friday 14 September 2018 was National Teaching Assistant Day, so we celebrated by having a party at lunch time to applaud the amazing job our Learning Support Assistants do to support our students.

We asked staff and students for their comments, so they could be shared during the celebration. It is clear from the number of comments received from both staff and students just how important the LSAs are to the school and to individuals. Here are a few of the lovely comments…

“An absolute star to have in the classroom. Without being asked, she will circulate the room and help those that need it. The students respond really well to her, which means they are more likely to listen to requests she has of them. Wish we could duplicate her!”

“Her commitment to Craft Club is amazing! She uses her own time and money to ensure the students are offered an extensive range of crafts and allows them the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. It is a safe haven for a lot of students during lunch time with the addition of teaching them new skills.”

“He has a calming influence on students and his great sense of humour keeps us all smiling!”

“So popular with the students! You always keep your sense of humour despite the grief they give you! (Mr Hasselhoff!)”

“Great support with year 7 particularly last year. Great initiative and valuable differentiation for pupils who struggle to access the curriculum.”

“They are always there to support you in your learning and make you smile in and out of school.”

“They treat you like an adult and can talk to you on a level of maturity whilst still being professional.”

“Miss, you are a top laugh and help me when I’m stuck. You don’t get angry at me and are patient, thank you so much for all the help and support”

“She makes lessons really fun and she puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.”

“She makes a really good difference in our school. It wouldn’t be the same without her with her lovely ways!”

“They really help me and other people in the classroom and always stay positive. They also take time with children that don’t understand things.”

“Sir you’re hilarious. It has been a pleasure having you by my side for the time I have been here. Thank you so much.”

“They give me any help and support i need and i know i can ask them about anything.”

Learning Support Assistants are such an important part of every school, and their accomplishments often go unnoticed. 

National Teaching Assistant Day
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