Upper Wharfedale School was last inspected in May 2018. This was a short inspection which confirmed that the school has made significant improvements since its already “good” judgement in 2014. We are now awaiting a full “section 5” inspection.

Below are some examples of the strong practice noted by the inspection team and you can read the full report on the Ofsted website.

Ofsted Rated School
Read our full report by clicking the link above.
"The school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement”
“An unrelenting drive to create an inclusive pupil-focused community”
“Highly motivated and outward looking staff”
“Pupils make strong progress”
“Parents speak positively about the school”
“Children enjoy coming to school”

“The school is a calm, safe and orderly environment”

“Pupils behave well in lessons and during social times”
“The school provides a wide range of experiences”
“The values of respect, tolerance and humility permeate the school”
“Governors are passionate and capable”
“All safeguarding procedures are well managed and fit for purpose”
“All safeguarding procedures are well managed and fit for purpose”
“Everyone at Upper Wharfedale School makes safety and welfare a priority”
“Bullying is rare…staff deal with it quickly and effectively”
“Unrelenting focus on progress”
“Pupils behaviour…was impeccable”
“Leaders have devised and developed a curriculum that meets the needs of their pupils”
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