Upper Wharfedale School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and we expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Upper Wharfedale School fully recognises the contribution it can make to protect children and support students in school. There are five main elements to how we work.

  • Ensuring we practise safe recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children.
  • Raising awareness of child protection issues and equipping children with the skills needed to keep them safe.
  • Developing and then implementing procedures for identifying and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse.
  • Supporting students who have been abused in accordance with his/her agreed child protection plan.
  • Establishing a safe environment in which children can learn and develop.

We also aim to support parents in keeping their children safe and to help with this we will be issuing a half termly safeguarding bulletin.

If there are any issues or concerns please contact the staff below;

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs H Mukherjee

Deputy Safeguarding  Lead – Mr A Taylor,  Mrs R Hayton,  Mr N Werhle, Mr H Barton, Mr B Richardson

Online Safety Lead – Mrs H Mukherjee

Safeguarding Governor Lead – Mr R Barlow

PREVENT Governor Lead – Mr R Barlow

SEMH Team – Mrs H Mukherjee, Mrs J Laidler-Smith, Mr S Heaviside

Useful Links

1. 24/7 help, advice and support. www.nspcc.org.uk

2. Provides a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to any individual on any issue. www.supportline.org.uk/problems/

3. Advice for parents, professionals and young people on the signs of sexual exploitation and how to keep safe. www.barnardos.org.uk/spotthesigns

4. Friendly, confidential drugs advice. www.talktofrank.com

5. Practical safeguarding advice for parents and carers. Protect your children from harm. www.safenetwork.org

6. Find the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology. Find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it. www.thinkuknow.co.uk

7. Your advice, help and report centre. www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre

8. Information on a variety of online resources to help keep children safe online. www.kidsmart.org.uk

9. For digitally slow parents the app store can seem otherworldly but now a prominent tech blogger has warned of the apps parents should look out for which could pose a risk to children’s safety. www.burnleyexpress.net/read-this/blogger-warns-parents-of-10-apps-to-look-out-for-on-teenagers-phones/

Safeguarding Policy

Our school safeguarding policy.

Child Protection Policy

Our child protection policy.

Apps Causing Concern

Apps we believe you need to be aware of which are causing us concern.

NSPCC Out Alone - Keeping Children Safe

A guide from the NSPCC about keeping children safe when out alone.

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