We place a very high priority on attendance and punctuality. Please encourage your child to be punctual; it is obviously very good training for future life. Under school policy, 3 late marks mean a school detention.

If your child is ill or unavoidably absent, please telephone the school absence line, explaining the absence before 9.30am. This must be done on each day of absence. On returning to School – the student should bring a signed note of explanation to their Form Tutor.

Please note that all doctor or dental appointments should be made out of school hours or in holiday time. If you have to take them during school hours please leave a message on the absence line or email admin@uws.n-yorks.sch.uk in advance.

Our expectation is that students will achieve 96% attendance or above across the year, unless there are exceptional medical circumstances. It goes without saying that there is a very high correlation between school achievement and good attendance, and we monitor this very closely and ask you to work in partnership with us seeing your child make the very best of life.

School holidays account for 13 weeks of the year and parents are expected to arrange all family holidays or other events during these times. No leave of absence during school term time will be authorised other than in exceptional circumstances.

If a request has to be made, parents must complete the ‘Application for Student Leave of Absence during Term Time’ form below, well in advance and before any holiday is booked.