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Students focus on …

ChinaAn investigation into the physical and human geography of China. Case study focus on Chinas ‘One Child Policy’ and their huge Three Gorges Dam.  
Tropical Rainforests Cause and impacts of deforestation in the Amazon. Sustainable management strategies to protect the rainforest.  
Climate Change 

Cause, effects and management of climate change. Clear understanding of the evidence that supports a human caused climate change. Evaluate the range of mitigation and adaptation strategies  

Tropical Storms  Cause, effects and management of tropical storms. Case study knowledge of a named tropical storm in a high-income country. 
CoastsAn understanding of coastal processes and coastal landforms. The cause, effects and management of coastal erosion.   
GlaciationAn understanding of glacial processes and glacial landforms. An investigation into glacial tourism.










KS4 (GCSE Geography AQA 8035​)

Geography is a popular and successful GCSE option which is taught in mixed ability option groups. Students have three hours a week in year 10 and 5 hours over a fortnight in year 11.  

GCSE Geography AQA 8035

Year 10: Students will study Natural hazards (including tectonic hazards, weather hazards, climate change and extreme weather in the UK). The living world (including ecosystems, tropical rainforests and either hot deserts or cold environments. Physical landscapes in the UK (including the UK’s relief and landscapes, coastal landscapes and river landscapes). Urban issues and challenges (including the urban world, urban change in the UK and urban sustainability) and the development gap.  

Year 11: Students will study a Newly-Emerging Economy e.g Nigeria. The changing UK economy. The challenge of resource management (including resource management and either food, water or energy management). Completion of two pieces of fieldwork and preparation for the issue evaluation based on the pre-release paper issued in March of year 11


KS3: Progress is reported to students using the words ‘considerable, sound, some or insufficient’ based on the progress they have made from their starting points.   

KS4: Exam Papers  
Paper 1  
Living with the Physical Environment

Paper 2  
Challenges in the human environment

Paper 3  
Issue Evaluation- based on a pre-release booklet which is available in March of year 11  
Fieldwork- completed in Year 11 


KS3: Homework at KS3 is usually in the form of independent learning projects which are set 3 times a year in each year group. The themes compliment and extend the topics being studied in class.

KS4: Students are set homework weekly. This can involve a variety of activities e.g. research, exam style questions, case studies or GCSE pod assignments. 

Support at Home

Student can access resources such as the GSCE POD website, as well as GCSE Bitesize and their revision guides. 

Additional Support in school and/or resources

Geography teachers are available most lunchtimes to discuss and support. 


Iceland visit in KS4 – A great opportunity for students to visit the land of ice and fire. Northern lights, blue lagoon and Skogfoss waterfall to name just a few of the amazing attractions we get to visit and see.  

We work with the Yorkshire Rivers Trust and National Trust on a frequent basis, running visits to the local environment and organising guest speakers to visit the department. 

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