We strive to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all learners and that every student has the support they need to succeed both academically and socially. We aim to provide all students with a broad, relevant, coherent, progressive and differentiated curriculum whilst ensuring that statutory requirements are met. 

At all levels the curriculum will provide a worthwhile experience in its own right as well as ensuring that students are prepared for future progression.

The school’s curriculum will:

  • Prepare students for future academic and vocational study by maximizing their academic achievement.
  • Equip them with the skills needed to be effective lifelong learners and with an understanding of their own learning styles.
  • Provide opportunities for the development of values and attitudes and give students knowledge and awareness of other countries and cultures.

We are committed to providing an inclusive curriculum which provides all students with appropriate challenges and responds to individual needs. In particular the school will provide all possible support to ensure that students have equality of access to an appropriate curriculum. This will include the provision of support in and beyond lessons, all practicable modifications to courses, learning and assessment methods and to buildings and equipment.

To realise these aims the school will:

  • Keep the relevance and effectiveness of the curriculum under review and adjust both the whole school curriculum and that for individual students when required.
  • Respond as appropriate to changing local and school agendas, whilst maintaining our own vision and values.
  • Systematically monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning and ensure that any shortcomings are effectively addressed.
  • Assess students’ learning and ensure that the results of any assessment are communicated clearly to students (and to parents) to help inform future learning.
  • Proactively assess the academic, social and health needs of students and ensure, as far as possible, that they are met by the school or by outside agencies.
  • Adopt flexible approaches to timetabling to allow individual and groups of students to ac-cess additional or alternative courses and experiences.
  • Work with other schools and education providers where appropriate to ensure students have access to as wide a range of courses and experiences as possible.
  • Provide opportunities for a wide range of trips trips and visits, and use visitors to the school to expose students to a broader range of cultures and experiences.
  • Plan effective professional development for all staff and ensure that they have access to high quality courses and curriculum support.
  • Please see our KS4 options booklet for our range of courses we offer

Maths & Enterprise - Led by Mr J Ashley

Science & Geography - Led by Mr H Barton

Visual & Performing Arts - Led by Mr B Richardson

Technology - Led by Mr A Marston

Assessment Information

KS4 Options

Options Booklet 2024-2026

We offer a range of options for KS4 here at Upper Wharfedale. This booklet provides information about each option to help you decide.