Year 11 Winter Mock Exams

Please find the Year 11 Mock Exam timetable below.  Students will receive their individualised timetables after half term.

Wednesday 4th NovemberAfternoonEnglish Language 1105 MinutesCreative Reading & Writing
Monday 9th NovemberMorningEnglish Literature 2105 MinutesShakespeare and Unseen
Monday 30th NovemberMorningEnglish Language 2105 MinutesViewpoints & Perspectives
Monday 30th NovemberAfternoonFrench Listening35/45 Minutes 
Tuesday 1st DecemberMorningDT
60 Minutes
60 Minutes
75 Minutes

Warfare and British society, c1250–present and London and the Second World War
Tuesday 1st DecemberAfternoonMaths (Paper 1)90 MinutesNon Calculator
Wednesday 2nd DecemberMorningEnterprise
PE (Paper 1)
French Writing
120 Minutes
105 Minutes
65/80 Minutes
Promotion & Finance
Fitness & Body
Wednesday 2nd DecemberAfternoonGeography
90 Minutes
60 Minutes
Physical Geography
The Music Industry
Thursday 3rd DecemberMorningMaths (Paper 2)90 MinutesCalculator Paper
Thursday 3rd DecemberAfternoonEnglish Literature 1105 Minutes19th Century Novel and Modern Prose
Friday 4th DecemberMorningChemistry Combined
Chemistry Triple
70 Minutes
105 Minutes
Friday 4th DecemberAfternoonHistory60 MinutesAnglo-Saxon and Norman England/Weimar Germany
Monday 7th DecemberMorningBiology Combined
Biology Triple
70 Minutes
105 Minutes
Monday 7th DecemberAfternoonFrench Reading
PE (Paper 2)
45/60 Minutes
75 Minutes

Health & Performance
Tuesday 8th DecemberMorningHealth & Social Care60 MinutesHuman Lifespan Development
Tuesday 8th DecemberAfternoon   
Wednesday 9th DecemberMorningPhysics Combined
Physics Triple
70 Minutes
105 Minutes
Wednesday 9th DecemberAfternoon   
Thursday 10th DecemberMorningMaths (Paper 3)90 MinutesCalculator Paper

Exam Certificate Collection

If the student is unable to collect their examination certificates / results themselves, they must complete this form to give authorisation for them to be collected by someone else.


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