We operate a two week timetable, known as ‘Week A’ and ‘Week B’. Each day is split into 1 hour lessons, with time each day for form and assemblies.


School transport is available for students travelling within the local area. More details can be found on the Transport page


Cafeteria-style lunch facilities are available serving excellent, filling and healthy lunches. You can get more information about our cashless catering system on our school payments page.


Assemblies are held in house groups weekly. These are delivered by members of the Senior Leadership Team and visiting speakers, focussing on Social and Moral, Social and Cultural issues and different elements of British Values which can be found here.

In addition, separate year group assemblies are held on a regular basis to highlight specific, relevant topics for that particular age group. These are sometimes led by Student Leaders or Form Groups.

Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs

Across school we have a range of extra curricular activities which often take place during break or lunch times. Click here to find out more.

9.00School opens5 mins
9.05Period 160 mins
10.05Period 260 mins
11.05Break15 mins
11.20Period 360 mins
12.20Lunch40 mins
1.00Form / Assembly15 mins
1.15Period 460 mins
2.15Period 560 mins
3.15End of school day