The Mathematics Department is a very strong department that strives to offer a well-balanced diet of investigational, practical and traditional Mathematics teaching, thus providing an excellent educational experience for all students. We aim that all pupils, whatever their ability, should experience the pleasure of mathematical success, achieve their best, and be equipped with the mathematical skills required for life.  

Currently, the department consists of three highly qualified and experienced teachers who work extremely well as a team. The Department won the award for “Outstanding School Teaching Team of the Year” at the North Yorkshire Secondary Teaching Awards 2017. The Mathematics Department has always achieved impressive results. In 2017, 85.5% of students achieved grade 4 or above in the GCSE with 20% achieving grade 7, 8 or 9. The progress 8 score of 0.7 placed the Mathematics results in the top 10% nationally. 

Students receive 7 one-hour lessons of mathematics per fortnight. There are 3 groups in each year set by ability but we aim to stretch all students. Pupil progress is monitored twice per term to ensure that students are appropriately placed. As each group follows a similar sequence of topics, movement between groups is always possible.  


Year 7: Students focus on … 

Analysing and Displaying Data 

Number Skills 

Expressions, Functions & Formulae 

Decimals & Measures 



Ratio & Proportion 

Lines & Angles 

Sequences & Graphs 



Year 8: Students focus on … 

Number Properties & Calculations 

Area & Volume 

Statistics, Graphs & Charts 

Expressions & Equations 

Real-Life Graphs 

Decimals & Ratio 


Fractions, Decimals & Percentages 

Straight Line Graphs 



Year 9: Students focus on … 

Higher Tier Sets 1 and 2 

Foundation Tier Set 3 

Number work, HCF, LCM, Powers, Standard form 

Number work, powers, prime factors 

Algebra, Formulae, Equations, Sequences, Factorising 

Algebra, formulae, factorising, substitution 

Interpreting Data, Statistical diagrams, Averages  

Graphs, tables and charts, statistical diagrams 

Angles rules and polygons 

Fractions and Percentages 

Pythagoras Theorem 

Angle rules, angles in parallel lines 


Averages and range 

Graphs, linear, quadratic, cubic, reciprocal 





1MA1 Mathematics Higher and Foundation Tiers

Higher Tier Sets 1& 2 Year 10 

Foundation Tier Set 3 Year 10 

Area and Volume 

Perimeter, Area and Volume 

Area and Perimeter of Circles and sectors 

Graphs, y = mx + c 

Spheres, pyramids and cones 



Ratio and Proportions 

Constructions, Loci and Bearing 

Pythagoras Theorem 

Equations and inequalities 


Simultaneous Equations 

Distance, Speed and Time 

Probability and Venn Diagrams 

Multiplicative Reasoning 

Multiplicative reasoning 

Constructions, Loci and Bearing 



Higher Tier Sets 1 & 2 Year 11 

Foundation Tier Set 3 Year 11 

Similarity and Congruence 

Quadratic Equations and Graphs 

Trigonometry and graphs of trig functions 

Circumference and Area of a Circle 

Cumulative Frequency, Box Plots and Histograms 

Sectors, cylinders, pyramids and cones 

Further graphs including Solving Simultaneous Equations and Inequalities graphically 


Circle Theorems 

Indices and Standard Form 

Rearranging Formulae, Algebraic Fractions and surds 

Congruence and Similarity 


Simple Vectors 

Vectors and geometric proof 

Simultaneous Equations, rearranging formulae and proof 

Direct and Inverse Proportion 



KS3: Students work is regularly marked. There are 5 major assessments each year. 

KS4: Students work is regularly marked. There are 5 major assessments each year. Students sit there first trial exam at the end of year 10. The second trial exam is sat in December of year 11. 


KS3: Students are set 1 piece of mathematics homework per week. 

KS4: Students are set 1 piece of mathematics homework per week. 

Students are further encouraged to research and revise topics on the Mathswatch website. 


More able students are entered for the UK Maths Challenge annually. 

Revision classes for year 11 are held regularly after school. 

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