Online Payments

We use a parent portal system called My Child at School for our online payments. You can use this to top up dinner money, pay for clubs, trips, visits and equipment.

To get started, contact the school office for invitation code.

Cashless Catering

Cafeteria-style lunch facilities are available serving excellent, filling and healthy lunches (approx £2.80). We operate a cashless catering system and the parents will need to top up their child’s account through ‘My Child at School’.

Students may bring a packed lunch (note: ‘fizzy’ drinks are not permitted). For the safety of students in school with serious nut allergies, nuts are also not allowed in school. No student is allowed to leave school at lunchtime. Smoking and chewing gum are forbidden on school premises at all times.

Our cashless system incorporates the latest technology, eliminates the need for students to carry money throughout the day and significantly reduces the queueing that we know puts many students off having a school lunch. The system is operated by your child’s ID card and lanyard at the tills. The system also allows you to track your child’s daily diet and support their healthy eating.

Trips & Visits

Trips and visits are also paid for using My Child at School. We will send information prior to the event, along with the terms and conditions for the trip. You can pay in installments making the expensive trips more affordable.

Parent Portal

We use a Parent Portal called My Child at School (MCAS) which enables parents to view their child’s academic performance in real-time via a web browser or app on a phone or tablet.

My Child At School provides:

  • Access to real-time attendance, assessment and behavioural data.
  • An insight to parents on their child’s schoolwork and homework.
  • Communication facilities to improve contact between parents and schools.
  • Instant access to published reports and letters.
  • Options to purchase items, join clubs or book trips.
  • Pay for dinner money.

To login you’ll need the school ID: 12288


View the My Child at School Website on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

iOS App

Follow the link to download the My Child at School App

Android App

Follow the link to download the My Child at School App