Primary Transition

We work very closely with our primary school partners to create a smooth and stress-free transition to Upper Wharfedale School.

In addition to a variety of sporting and other activities arranged for primary children throughout the year, all students are visited during the summer term by a member of the Student Support team. Class teachers are spoken to and individual information is gathered about each child joining us in September.

A series of family workshops are held during the summer term, when parents and students can come along and experience taster lessons at Upper Wharfedale in advance of the transition day held towards the end of June.

A Parent Information Evening is held during September, during which parents and carers are introduced to school systems, e-safety and curriculum detail and we gather their opinions on the transition process so that we can evaluate and modify our practice.

This additional Parents’ Evening in the Autumn term is to establish an effective partnership between home and individual subject teachers.

Welcome to Upper Wharfedale School, we are delighted that you will be joining us in Year 7 and hope that over the coming weeks you will have the opportunity to find out everything you need about our school and life as a student.

Our overriding aim is to ensure that our students achieve everything that they are capable of – their ‘Personal Best’ – from Year 7 through to Year 11 and beyond.

SUCCESSFUL, LIFELONG LEARNERS who enjoy learning, make good progress and achieve their full potential, regardless of ability, gender, social/economic background or ethnicity – “Excellence for All”

CONFIDENT INDIVIDUALS who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives, with confidence in their own abilities and how to use and apply them.

ACTIVE AND RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS who make a positive contribution to society. We value and respect all members of the school community and we demonstrate that every child really does matter by teaching them well and expecting the very best from them.

It is also very important to us that students enjoy their time here. We have a caring and supportive school environment in which we recognise every student as an individual with different needs and previous experiences. We work hard to make sure we support and nurture successful, happy and confident learners who achieve in the widest sense of the word, not just academically. This begins with our transition from primary school.

We hope you find out everything you need to know, but if you have any questions at all at any point, then please contact us.

Mr A Taylor

Meet the Team

Mrs Mukherjee will be visiting your primary school at the start of June to meet you.

Form tutors are the first point of contact should you or your parents have any concerns.

Transition Coordinator

Mrs H Mukherjee
Assistant Headteacher
Subjects: Science - PSHCE -Geography

I started working at Upper Wharfedale in September 1998 and I am very proud that this is my place of work. The school knows and values every individual, creating a safe and secure environment which ensures strong progress for all.

Form Tutor

Mrs B Eggleton
Subjects: Maths

I have been teaching Maths for a very long time, and have been at UWS since 2009. I grew up in Northern Ireland so although I am not originally from the Dales, this is my local school now and I am passionate about being part of its success story.

Form Tutor

Mr A Jackson
Subject Leader
Subjects: Business - Geography

The geography department aims to create a positive climate in which students are given a variety of opportunities to achieve excellence. Having been at UWS since 2007, I am proud to lead such an outstanding department with consistent sustained success in both student progress and achieving the Geographical Associations award for secondary geography.

Form Tutor

Mrs R Hindle
Subject Leader - SENCO
Subjects: Food Technology

I joined UWS in April 2010. I am proud to work at this school and inspire young people to cook healthy and nutritious meals

Ways to support your child in the transition from primary school

The two week timetable can be a little confusing at first. Support them by having your own copy of your child’s timetable can help to stop last minute requests for clean PE kit! Some students will need assistance getting their bags/kit organised at home until they get into a routine.
If there are issues at home that may affect your child in school please contact your child’s form tutor, Mr Heaviside or Mr Wehrle our Student Support Officers. Similarly, if there are problems with homework please contact the subject teacher.
Ensure your son/daughter has their ID Card and lanyard every day.
Ensure they have their student planner every day and sign it weekly.
Check Class Charts regularly to keep up to date with your child’s behaviour and attitude to learning. This is an excellent chance to praise your child’s good behaviour.
Spend a little time remembering back to your own move to secondary school and talk to them about it – your child may have a very different experience to you but it will help you to be empathetic and understanding.
Attend the family workshops to get a taste of school life together.

Transition Day & Parents' Evening

Transition Day is on Thursday 27 June 2019 at 9am.

The aim of the day is to help familiarise students with what life will be like at Upper Wharfedale School through various exciting activities which will be run throughout the day.

Details of the main bus routes can be found on If you are in your school uniform you will be allowed on free for this day only.

You need to wear your primary school uniform and bring a pen and pencil with you. On arrival at school, please make your way to the school hall (or if you are unfamiliar with the school, please go to reception.)

Morning break is at 11.05am when students will have the opportunity to visit the school canteen. Lunchtime is at 12.20pm and students are welcome to purchase a school dinner or bring a packed lunch. Please ensure any food brought into school does not contain nuts.

If students want to use the school canteen, their ParentPay account will need be to be activated and topped up with money. A letter with details of how to do this hs been sent to parents.

Parents’ Evening starts at 4.00pm in the School Hall. 

There will be a presentation as well as the opportunity to meet other parents and uniform suppliers. We will also have a small selection of second hand uniforms for you to purchase.

When school finishes at 3.15pm, the primary students will be given a drink and biscuit in the school hall whilst waiting for the arrival of their parents.

Transition Workshops

We are delivering a series of family workshops for Year 6 students who are coming to our school in September, to help with the transition.

The workshops will run from 4:00pm until 5:30pm and will include varied activities to enable students in Year 6 to sample the types of lessons and learning that goes on at Upper Wharfedale School. 

These workshops will run in addition to the transition day and will give them additional opportunities to meet the staff and other students.  The move from primary to secondary school can be stressful for both children and parents and with this in mind, we would like to extend this invitation to parents to attend the workshops on offer.



Thursday 13 June 2019

Food Technology & Maths

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Performing Arts & Science

Wednesday 26 June 2019

English & History