Upper Wharfedale School values the abilities and achievements of all its students and is committed to providing the best possible environment for learning for all.

All teachers at Upper Wharfedale School are teachers of students with special educational needs (SEN) and are committed to identifying and providing for their needs within an inclusive environment.  We recognise the entitlement for all students to a balanced, broad curriculum. It is encompassed in teachers’ planning and in curriculum area policies that all teachers will deliver a differentiated curriculum, as outlined in our school provision maps and class overviews.

The named SEN co-ordinator for the school is Mrs H Mukherjee.  
The Inclusion Coordinator is Mrs J Laidler-Smith.   
The named SEN Governor is Mr R Carr.

Further information about our SEN provision can be found in the policy documents below.

SEN Management Team

Mrs H Mukherjee
Assistant Headteacher - SENCO
Subjects: Science - PSHCE -Geography

I started working at Upper Wharfedale in September 1998 and I am very proud that this is my place of work. The school knows and values every individual, creating a safe and secure environment which ensures strong progress for all.

Mrs J Laidler-Smith
Inclusion Coordinator

Since joining UWS in 2013 my main aim has always been to make a difference by promoting an inclusive environment for all of our students. Our work in the Learning Support Department is pivotal in enabling students to be the best individuals they can be now and for their future pathway.

Learning Support Team

Mr C Bean
Learning Support Assistant

Having been a past student and now having worked at UWS since 2008, I’ve seen the school gain momentum year by year. I mainly support students in the PE Department. I set out to express my enthusiasm for sport and hopefully the students see and respond to that. What makes me happy is seeing children from all walks of life getting on with anyone – very evident here at Upper Wharfedale.

Mrs H Blanchard
Learning Support Assistant

I look forward to carrying out given tasks in a positive manner. I am very grateful to be a part of this wonderful school community. Becoming a part of the team at UWS as a Learning Support Assistant gives me great pleasure. Encouraging all students from Grades 7-11, allowing them to become strong individuals and reach their goals.

Mrs J Carroll
Learning Support Assistant

I joined Upper Wharfedale School in 2007. My role as a Learning Support Assistant is to provide support and guidance to every student throughout their secondary school years.

Miss N Carroll
Learning Support Assistant

I am extremely grateful for my role as Learning Support Assistant at Upper Wharfedale School. As a passionate dancer I am particularly enthusiastic when it comes to working as a team and building individuals confidence. I look forward to supporting students achieve their goals and targets.

Mrs A Geldard
Learning Support Assistant

I have worked at UWS from 2008. I very much enjoy helping, encouraging and coaxing our students to become confident, capable and considerate young adults.

Mrs L Gibson
Cover Supervisor

I have worked at UWS since September 2005 and my role is cover supervisor. It is great to be part of an inclusive school and I enjoy working with students of all abilities and supporting them to achieve their targets and goals.

Mrs S Hill
Learning Support Assistant

I joined UWS in 2009 as a LSA. I consider myself to be a friendly and conscientious member of the SEN team. My main area of support is ICT although I do support lessons throughout the school. I run a lunchtime Craft Club during lunchtimes open to all who may benefit from developing positive peer relationships, raising self awareness, self esteem and developing good social skills.

Mrs L Plummer
Learning Support Assistant

I joined UWS in September 2009. It is great to be a part of this wonderfully inclusive school.

Mrs J Wiseman
Learning Support Assistant

I’m proud to have worked at UWS since 1993. It is a constant pleasure to be part of the team that enable our students to achieve their very best, and to watch them grow into confident, capable and independent young adults

Mrs T Zaman
Learning Support Assistant

I Joined UWS in 2014. I am a parent and an LSA. The progression that I see in the students from year 7 to year 11 is very rewarding. Students come to us as children and leave us as young adults.

Mrs L Taylor
Literacy and Support Coordinator

Initially, I visited UWS as a regular supply teacher in the English Department. I am now based in the LRC as the Literacy and Support Coordinator. I support students in their personalised intervention sessions, helping them to improve literacy skills and develop a love of reading and learning beyond the classroom.

Mr S Willis
Learning Support Assistant

I feel very fortunate to have become a small part of the UWS team as a Learning Support Assistant in February 2020. For me, everyday is a school day and I love learning: I hope to share my belief that everyone can be successful learners with the UWS students.

Miss J Votsikas

Miss J Votsikas
Student Support Officer

As a previous student of Upper Wharfedale School, and a current university student of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling BSc (Hons), I am honoured to be working alongside both the staff and students here at UWS. I have always had a passion to support students, both academically and interpersonally, and I believe my university degree provides a unique opportunity to implement counselling skills within this role. I can confidently say that the students have my upmost commitment to support their wellbeing, mental health and behaviour.

"The special needs provision is very good. I always feel I can speak to staff about any concerns I might have. Staff are actively looking for ways to ensure that my child is continually moving forward"