We are dedicated to providing positive outcomes throughout every student’s academic career and we encourage families to actively support us in this.  We believe that every learner is entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

The school’s success is built on our belief in values of respect for self and others, coupled with a positive attitude, which means that each student wants to make a positive contribution to their school community.

Our student support system is based on the role of the form tutor, who has immediate responsibility for the progress, behaviour, development and academic success of each student  in their care. The form tutor is the first contact should there be any concerns about a student’s welfare.

The Student Support team have responsibility for the pastoral care of students and the Student Support Officers should be the next point of contact after the form tutor.

The school expects and maintains high standards of behaviour. This creates a safe and secure learning environment where all students can thrive.  We operate a zero tolerance approach to  bullying  and in the rare cases where this happens, staff deal quickly and effectively with all parties. If reported, all disagreements are  dealt with and  followed up with home.

We support our students in having their voices heard and include the views of the students in their own teaching and learning.

We promote our students in taking  on leadership roles and our School Leadership team is testament to this.  Students throughout the school are encouraged to represent their form group and be involved in school decision-making.


Our Student Support Team

Mrs H Mukherjee
Assistant Headteacher – SENCo
Subjects: Science – PSHCE -Geography

I started working at Upper Wharfedale in September 1998 and I am very proud that this is my place of work. The school knows and values every individual, creating a safe and secure environment which ensures strong progress for all.

Mrs J Laider-Smith
Inclusion Coordinator

Since joining UWS in 2013 my main aim has always been to make a difference by promoting an inclusive environment for all of our students. Our work in the Learning Support Department is pivotal in enabling students to be the best individuals they can be now and for their future pathway.

Mr N Wehrle
Student Support Officer

Life at school is a journey, from leaving primary school through to starting post 16 education. I draw on my skills and experiences learnt from working in a variety of schools, the Police Service and overseas to support students through any emotional, social or behavioural challenges they may face, giving them every opportunity to make the most of their time at Upper Wharfedale School and succeed on the road ahead.

Mr S Heaviside
Student Support Officer

I feel extremely grateful to be working with such great people here at UWS as Student Support Officer. I have always been passionate about helping young people develop and progress. Since joining the staff in January 2018, I have focused on developing strong working relationships with both staff and students, and aim to support, guide, and nurture our students throughout their time with us at UWS.

“When I started at Upper Wharfedale School I was shy, nervous and under-confident, but from day one the school made me feel welcome and safe, supporting me to grow in confidence and achieve consistently good results.”
Year 10
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