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School Kitchen

Provided via NYES, our school canteen is open at break and lunch and runs a new menu each term with three weekly menus.

Canteen Dinner Menu

Provided via NYES, our school canteen is open at break and lunch and runs a new menu each term with three weekly menus.

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Home School Agreement

The home school areement includes the code of conduct which all students must follow while attending Upper Wharfedale School.

Behaviour, Positive Attitude to Learning Policy

Find out more about how we reward our students for positive attitude in school and how we communicate this to you.

We use a Parent Portal called My Child at School (MCAS) which enables parents to view their child’s academic performance in real-time via a web browser or app on a phone or tablet.

My Child At School provides:

  • Access to real-time attendance, assessment and behavioural data.
  • An insight to parents on their child’s schoolwork and homework.
  • Communication facilities to improve contact between parents and schools.
  • Instant access to published reports and letters.
  • Options to purchase items, join clubs or book trips.
  • Pay for dinner money.

To login you’ll need the school ID: 12288


View the My Child at School Website on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

iOS App

Follow the link to download the My Child at School App

Android App

Follow the link to download the My Child at School App

You can also use our School Calendar to view holidays and special events.

School Trips

Find out more about our upcoming school trips we provide to our students to enhance their learning experience.



The only medicine which school can issue has to be provided by the parents and must be in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacy and must have the student’s name and dosage written on it. Any medicine sent to the school should be delivered to the school office with a completed Med Form 1.

A child requiring first aid or other medical treatment should go to the School Office or Student Support office, where they will be attended to. No child is sent home without contact having been made with a parent or nominated emergency contact and so it is essential that you keep the school up to date with emergency contact numbers, particularly where these may change because of new mobile numbers.


Students must not telephone home directly during the school day.  Arrangements to phone home should be made through the school office – staff are always available to deal with problems immediately.  If you need to contact your son or daughter then this should be done through the school office.

In sunny weather it is the parent’s responsibility to send their child with sun screen and/or sun hat to wear at break times                                    


Leave of Absence

School must be informed of any absence. For more information on what to do and request a leave of absence, please read our attendance section.

Free School Meals

Your child might be able to get free school meals if you meet any of the criteria outlined in the Free School Meal Application form. 

We encourage all parents who are eligible to apply. Our cashless catering system is discrete, therefore no child in receipt of free school meals will be identified by others, and the school receives additional funding in the form of pupil premium, which will be of tremendous benefit to the student themselves.

Lost Property

Please remember to label your child’s uniform and equipment, where possible. There is a lost property area in the corridor between the main office and the school hall, which students are able to check for any items they have mislaid.

Once a term the lost property is checked for any named items and we endeavour to return these items to their rightful owners. Any unnamed items are disposed of in the Rag Bag textile recycle bin.


Your son/daughter is also a member of one of the four houses.

  • Elbolton
  • Kail
  • Langerton
  • Stebden

The houses participate in various competitions throughout the year and are led by a member of our Student Leadership Team. The whole house (all years) meet weekly during assembly time.

Textile Recycle Bin​

We have Rag Bag Recycling Bin in the Sports Hall car park. Please dispose of any unwanted textile items by placing them in a sealed bag in this bin. The school receive money for every kilogram of textile recycled.

The items which can be recycled are:

  • Adults and children’s clothing.
  • Paired shoes, tied together with laces or elastic bands
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Belts
  • Curtains
  • Towels
  • Bed Linen

The textiles are sorted, then graded according to quality, for reuse or recycling. Good quality textiles are exported to Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, providing good quality affordable second hand clothing. Poor quality textiles are cut into industrial wiping cloths.

Rag Bag - Clothing Recycling