The start of November saw the re-opening of one of Upper Wharfedale School’s most unique features, our 20 metre swimming pool. The Pool Hall has undergone a complete refurbishment, with a new highly insulated roof. Along with new cladding and an excellent ventilation system, we now have an outstanding facility for school use, which we also offer to the community via our hire management company, CommuniHire.

Our school stands out in the local area by having such a fantastic facility onsite for use by the PE department, all of whom are trained lifeguards. It means we can offer swimming lessons to our students and our local primary schools without the need to travel, providing more time in the pool and giving our students excellent life skills.

Here are a few pictures to show you how great it looks…

Highly Insulated Roof

Keeping the environment for swimmers comfortable and saving energy.

New Ventilation

A new ventilation system with a much lower noise level provides environment comfort without disrupting lessons or swim sessions.

Hygienic Cladding

All the pool walls and corridor have hygienic cladding improving cleanliness and providing a very nice finish.

Excellent Water Quality

We have a modern pool plant system which keeps our water quality high, providing a very safe environment to go swimming.

Available for Community Use

We work with Communihire to make this fantastic facility and others available for community use. Find out more below.

Like what you see? Hire our pool!

We have partnered with Communihire to offer our fantastic facilities including our swimming pool to the community. Find out more below.

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