We are delighted to announce that Upper Wharfedale School Geography department is one of only nine schools in the world to be awarded the coveted Centre of Excellence status in Geography.

The schools awarded Centre of Excellence are pivotal to the Geography Association’s desire to spread good practice through the development of local networks of teachers. This award recognises a school’s contribution to disseminating quality approaches to the teaching of geography, global learning and fieldwork.

In Centres of Excellence, geography is managed by enthusiastic curriculum leaders who are able to inspire their colleagues, and our subject leader Mr Jackson is no exception. Mr Taylor, Headteacher said “I am extremely proud of Mr Jackson’s achievements and delighted that he is now a Specialist Leader of Education and supports other schools across the country in improving and developing their geography department and results. This prestigious award is a great success and demonstrates the hard work and commitment from both our students and staff.”

The Geography department are very active and run field trips in the local area linked with organisations such as the National Trust and Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust. There is a bi-annual trip to Iceland where students can experience the amazing natural wonders of the land of ice and fire. We also host an annual Endangered Species Day for year 6 Primary School students, where they have the opportunity to investigate the habitats of these species and explore the reasons why they are endangered.

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