A bright idea...

In early 2020, Upper Wharfedale School started the LED Lighting Replacement Programme with a plan to replace every non-energy efficient light fitting in school, along with controls to lower the amount of energy we use for lighting the school. In early 2022, this project has been completed!

The project has now been completed!



You've got to start somewhere...

The first step in this project was to get a good understanding of what we had. This meant recording every light fitting in school across all 128 rooms on our site plan.

For each light we recorded the type and wattage, an estimated run time each day along with how many days in the year that room is used.

Having the funds...

We knew early on that replacing all the non-energy efficient lights in school at once would require additional funding.

We worked with SALIX Finance who provide government backed energy efficiency loans to public sector parties, including schools. The loan is payed back by the savings you make by completing the project.

We had our application approved in March 2020, which meant the on site work could begin.

A fantastic team effort...

Our main electrical contractor, Steve Claxton Electrical has worked on this Project since March when the first lights started arriving. His attention to detail matches our ethos at UWS of providing a fantastic facility for our staff and students.

We thank City Electrical Factors and our account manager Steve Pinder for providing the lights themselves as well as all the cabling and accessories required for such a large project as this.

Our own UWS Site Team members, Rob Holmes, Lucy Wade, Mathew Ferridge and Peter Earl provided the labour and site experience to get the job done.

What have we done then?

We have removed and replaced a huge amount of schools lighting while also replacing a large amount of wiring supplying it.

We used a lighting designer to make sure the lights in classrooms provided the right amount of light with good diffusion so as to avoid glare.

We’ve installed sensors, so that lights don’t have to be on when no one is around or when the sun is shining on our wonderful Yorkshire dales.


Light Tubes & Lamps Removed


Light Fittings Removed


Light Fittings Installed


Presence Sensors Installed

Reducing our carbon footprint!

Not only have we improved classrooms, offices and corridors, we are also saving a lot of energy as a school which is reducing our carbon footprint.

The project has meant our lighting power requirements are now less that 25% of what they were before!

Power Now Required


This means that, when you look at energy usage, we gain a fantastic saving each year. When climate change is such a pressing matter, this is fantastic news for our school effort to reduce our effect on the environment.

0 kWh
Saved Each Year
Main School Hall
33% Energy Saving
Science & Art Corridor
80% Energy Saving
RM52 Tutorial RoomRM52 Tutorial Room
Tutorial Room
68% Energy Saving
RM74 Maths CorridorRM74 Maths Corridor
Maths Corridor
84% Energy Saving
RM114 Sports Hall Corridor (1)RM114 Sports Hall Corridor (1)
Sports Hall Corridor
92% Energy Saving
RM76 Room 1RM76 Room 1
Room 1
81% Energy Saving
RM77 Room 2RM77 Room 2
Room 2
83% Energy Saving
RM78 Room 3RM78 Room 3
Room 3
84% Energy Saving
RM79 Room 4RM79 Room 4
Room 4
84% Energy Saving
RM80 Room 5RM80 Room 5
Room 5
83% Energy Saving
RM81 Room 6RM81 Room 6
Room 6
83% Energy Saving
RM72 Room 8RM72 Room 8
Room 8
70% Energy Saving
Room 14 LRC
54% Energy Saving
RM42 Room 16RM42 Room 16
Room 16
73% Energy Saving
Room 19 DT
42% Energy Saving
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