The beginning of February saw the performance of our school show of 2020, Beauty and the Beast. Rehearsals started back in September, with casting completed before the summer holidays. Needless to say, a lot of time and effort went into making sure this production would be the best it could be.Β 

After long evening rehearsals and even longer Sundays, we knew we had the potential for something special. The cast of nearly 60 students worked extremely hard to perfect every dance routine, learn every song and give all the energy they could to their roles. By the time the costumes and scenery were completed, we were all (staff included) extremely excited for opening night.

The three shows were the best ever! The main cast were so focused and dedicated, they played their roles as if they had been written for them! This, in turn, had a massive impact on the chorus, who wanted to make sure they matched the level of those in years above, whilst the backstage team worked tirelessly to make sure that every scene change, lighting cue and petal drop was seamless..Β 

Feedback from all three audiences was amazing and filled us all with pride. Thank you to all those who were involved, helped out or who came to see it. Bring on next year!

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