Mr A Lambert explains how you can become part of the most powerful super computer and aid sciences in researching COVID-19.

Folding at home is a project which asks members of the public to download a small program which can run in the background on your computer or whilst it is turned on but you aren’t using it. The program simulates protein folding in cancer drugs, AIDS drugs, and other diseases such as dementia, and helps researchers find new drugs to combat them. Millions of people have downloaded the program and this replaces or enhances the world’s most powerful super computers so that more research can be carried out to help fight these deadly diseases. Download it if you want to join in and carry out scientific research on your computer!

For smart devices there is also dreamlab which is an app that does the same kind of thing as folding at home but only when your phone is plugged in, charging and you are not using it. With mobile devices becoming ever more powerful all the processing power that researchers can access will help to provide better health care in the future.

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